Len Choa


Len Choa is a two-player abstract strategy game observed in 19th-century Thailand (formerly called Siam). It is a Leopard hunt game (or Leopard game). One tiger is going up against six leopards. The leopards attempt to surround and trap the tiger while the tiger attempts to capture enough of them (usually 3) so that the leopards can not immobilize the tiger. It is unknown how old the game is, however, the game was documented by Captain James Low in the 1839 periodical Asiatic Researches; or, Transactions of the Society, Instituted in Bengal, For Inquiring into The History, The Antiquities, The Arts and Sciences, and Literature of Asian, Second Part of the Twentieth Volume and specifically in chapter X On Siamese Literature (1839) in which he authored.[1] There may be a very similar game played in Sri Lanka called Hat diviyan keliya.


Comes game rules and game pieces.