RB&S Hunting knife from around 1910 collector item


The blade has RB & S. According to a google search this stands for ROGNALD BRUSLETTO & SONS and was used from 1917-1941. The knife measures 9.5" long including 

A Email I wrote to Brusletto about this knife. Here's thereply I got:"Hello!We used the RB&S with a star under from 1917 till about 1941 so I wouldguess it is a very old knife you`ve got. The marking means "RognaldBrusletto & Sons". (Rognald Brusletto founded Brusletto in 1896)aI don`t know if the rest of the knife is made here, but the blade sure is.A brief history:1896 - Founded. Blades marked with R.Brusletto1912 - His sons is into the company.1917- A stock company together with Sigurd Haugen. Products marked with RB &S or RB & Sønner. (sons)1921- company is now an independent company1941- R.Brusletto & Sønner is now a dependent company Brusletto & Co .Products marked with Brusletto & Co with a distinct B in the name.1974- Company redone to the company Brusletto & Co AS

This knife has been dated to 1917 and is a colecttors item.