Our story

We the family Haldorson life the fullest and his viking life Haldorson devout asatru adherents.

Our viking story begun about nine years ago, when we visited the first viking markets.

In the beginning we were viking reenactors portraying a as authentic as possible vikings from Birka 900Ad Sweden.

Over time Patrick quit his job because he lost his passion in photography and started looking for a new goal in his life.

In time his old love wood crafting came back and since he is skilled as a carpenter it was no more than learning were the finds came from before he started making replica's of viking wooden artifacts.

In time a love was reborn and a new world opened, one of people really appreciating good craft work.

Now 8 years on and we are growing and growing becoming a name in the viking reenactment world for making and selling high quality products and selling them for fair prizes.

We travel the European markets with our handmade products.

On the markets will be present, carpenter Patrick his wife Janneke and their little viking Finn.

All our products are handmade with love and passion, everything is selected for you because of the quality and authenticity.

We are always looking for markets to sell our stuff, do you organize a medieval market and do you think that we are an addition please feel free to contact us.