Our story

I am Patrick Hoogenboom, owner of Haldorson Viking Crafts or in short HVC. I've been working with wood since I literally was a kid.

I come from a line of nine generations of woodworkers in the family. Woodworking is in my blood. It was my dream to work independently with wood and create new and historical things.

For the past eight years, I have invested in founding Haldorson Viking Crafts.
Since this year, the time has come to work with it on a full-time basis and reap the benefits of entrepreneurial life.


The best thing about working as a woodworker is to talk to people and discover what I can make them happy with, but also to give them the information about historical products, which makes it a lot more special.

I like to translate this for them into a beautiful piece of furniture.
The  Haldorson Viking Crafts distinction is that we specialize in Historical reproductions such as, bowls, spoons, plates, chests and others wood products.
But in recent years I have also specialized in luxury products custom design, where you can think of Luxury relationship products, for example.



Because of my many years of experience I specialize in Historical woodworking and can give all-round advice to clients. I started at the Wood and Furniture College in Rotterdam. I understand wood and have learned to deliver products for customers made by hand or with machines.

After my education, I grew through work experience at home and abroad in the processing and development of furniture, products and techniques.
For example, I have experience with reproductions of Historical wood products, luxury relationship gifts and antique restoration. This allows me to respond specifically to the customer's demand.


Core values of my company are,
- quality
- creativity
- flexibility
- thinking along
- attention to detail